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Engineers Reports
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Report
Radio Frequency Field Strength Report

There are two main areas of concern regarding Radio Frequency energy as follows:

1. Radio Frequency (RF) interference and in particular the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) between two or more electronic devices.

2. Potential adverse health effects due to possible high levels of Radio Frequency Field (energy).

We can investigate both of the above RF problems and produce an Engineers Report.

There are two possible approaches. The first is to send an engineer to perform an initial investigation without using any RF test and measurement equipment. The second, more involved, is to send an engineer together with suitable RF test and measurement equipment.

An engineer, without RF test equipment, will examine the area for potential sources of RF energy. He will note down any relevant electronic devices in the area and the potential sources of high levels of RF energy. In many cases the engineer will be able to estimate likely levels of RF and whether a need exists for a more though investigation involving measurements of RF field strength. This type of approach will probably require a half day of engineering time and a further half day to write up a report. The cost is likely to be of the order of £300 to £600.

An engineer, with RF test equipment, will be able to make measurements of the RF field strength (occurring during the measurement). Using the test equipment, he will be able to identify both the frequencies and levels of the RF energy and this will help to establish the possible sources and identify any potential effects. In addition he would then recommend any measures which could be then taken to address the problem (or potential problem). It should be noted that this could take one or two days of time and could cost the order of £1000 to £3000.

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