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The UK Network of Building Surveyors and Structural Engineers
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About us
The company was originally founded in 1991 as a partnership by two Chartered Civil Engineers Terry White and Mike Royall. The work undertaken was a wide range of civil engineering projects from roads to buildings.

Investigations of structural problems in buildings became regular business as an increasing number of customers began to request Engineer's Reports. A common problem experienced by many customers was subsidence caused by the very dry weather in the early 1990s. As the level of this work increased, a new company was set up called "Engineer's Reports Ltd" and this later changed its name to "1st ER Surveys Ltd".

While many customers just had single one off requirements for investigations (usually associated with the building they lived in) some customers had multiple requirements for investigations at locations across the country. Rather than doing business with a number of different Consulting Engineers, these customers often preferred to deal with a single supplier.

To address these national requirements, we developed a network of Civil and Structural Engineers across the UK, available at short notice to investigate problems in buildings and to produce appropriate Engineer's Reports.

Our business expanded and customers continued to make further requests. Many customers, contemplating the purchase of a particular building, would initially require a Surveyor's Report to identify any potential problem areas. Where necessary this could then be followed by a further investigation and an Engineers Report. With this in mind, we began to set up a complimentary network of Building Surveyors (Surveyor's Reports) in addition to our existing network of Structural Engineers (Engineer's Reports).

With the company providing initial Building Surveys and where needed, follow on investigations, the next request was for repairs. With this in mind a new company was set up "ER Repairs", to provide a complete service from survey through to investigation and on to repair.

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We cover the whole of the UK.

Tel: 0800 0147 453

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