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The investigation of soil can be considered as a two stage process. The first step being to obtain the samples, the second being to analyze them.

We provide a full site investigation service beginning with the recovery of soil samples. We are able to obtain these by a diverse range of methods from simple hand augering, through to the use of full scale drilling rigs. Once samples have been obtained there are two main areas of soil analysis. These are Soil Contamination Analysis and Soil Property Analysis.

Soil Contamination Analysis
The soil on a particular site could contain contaminants that might be harmful to humans. Possible contamination may be a result of recent industrial use of the site or could in fact originate from industrial use back in the Victorian era. To identify and quantify any potential problem, soil samples taken from the site in question, can be chemically analysed in a laboratory to determine the concentrations of contaminants. A report can then be produced listing the results of the analysis.

Soil Property Analysis
When considering the type of foundations required to support a new building, a Structural Engineer will want to consider the properties of the local soil. In a similar way, when investigating the possible subsidence of an existing building, evaluation of the properties of the soil may be needed. Samples of the soil can be analysed in a laboratory for moisture content, liquid limit, plastic limit and plasticity index. In some cases further testing can be carried out to determine the root identification of trees and the measurement of the magnitude of soil suction. A report can then be produced recording the results of the tests.

Geotechnical Services
In addition to taking samples of soil and performing laboratory testing, we are also able to offer a range of Geotechnical services:


  • Desk studies for development sites
  • Site investigation planning and advice
  • Foundation design
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Interpretative geotechnical reports


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