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22 November 2003
A Specific Structural Inspection is restricted to visual observations of the matters, concerns, or problems stated in the report. The inspection will be undertaken externally and internally as necessary and you must provide us with access to all necessary parts including any basements and roof spaces if possible. We do not normally move heavy furniture, lift floor coverings or make exploratory holes during an inspection. If our Engineer considers that access to any area would be unsafe, or potentially unsafe, we will be unable to access such areas unless safety measures are arranged, this may incur an additional cost.
A General Structural Inspection of the structural loadbearing elements does not include those aspects normally dealt within a Surveyor's Report, such as services, decorations, roof coverings and the like, the position of the property with respect to local amenities and the condition of the property with regard to dry rot, timber infestation, dampness and the like.
The structural loadbearing elements normally comprise items such as the roof trusses, rafters, purlins, floor slabs, joists, beams, columns, external walls, internal walls which support other elements, foundations and the like. The inspection is limited to the main building and excludes any detached garages, outbuildings, walls, fences etc unless specifically included in the request.
Unless noted in the report we have not considered matters such as contaminated land, asbestos or other potentially hazardous materials, nor high alumina cement or other potentially deleterious materials.
Our report will include details of the inspection, our conclusions on the findings and our recommendations for any investigations, monitoring, repair or remedial works, or other action required.
2.1 Our service will be limited to an investigation of the problem(s) specified. Investigation means, and may include, archive research, interviewing persons or organisations, making exploratory holes or excavations, opening up or taking apart, taking samples, undertaking tests and any other activities necessary to determine the extent and cause of the problem.
2.2 Investigation work may cause damage - particularly to finishes and decorations. If you request us to carry out any investigation work this will indicate to us that you have all necessary permissions from the owners and tenants of the property for us to carry out the work. Reinstatement will be included only if specifically agreed.
2.3 Our report will include details of the investigation, our conclusions on the findings and our recommendations for any monitoring, repair or remedial works, or other action required.
3.0 Monitoring
3.1 Our service will be limited to monitoring the problem areas specified and will involve measurements and visual observations at regular intervals for a pre-defined period.
3.2 Our report will include details of the monitoring, our conclusions on the results and our recommendations for further investigations, repair or remedial works, or other action required.
4.0 Repair/Remedial Works - Design stage
4.1 Our service may include the detailing, scheduling and specification of repairs and remedial works as agreed, the preparation of tender documents, obtaining of competitive tenders, reporting on the tenders and applying for Building Regulations and/or other necessary approvals. Building Regulationsí fees and the like will be extra.
5.0 Repair/Remedial Works - Construction stage
5.1 Our service may include inspecting the contractor's work on an occasional site visit basis and administering the contract.
5.2 We normally undertake site inspections at weekly intervals although the frequency may vary according to the needs and progress of the works.
5.3 We will issue instructions to the contractor and variations to the contract as necessary. Please note that you must not instruct the contractor yourself.
5.4 We will certify progress payments and upon satisfactory completion will certify the work and the final valuation. Completion certificates will only be issued when all our invoices are fully paid.
6.0 Calculations
6.1 Calculations may include for a site visit although where possible we will work from your architectural drawings.
6.2 According to your requirements, we will give structural advice on the feasibility of your proposals and will prepare structural calculations and sketch details for incorporation into your architectural drawings, for Building regulations submission, and for your builders use and information.
6.3 Architectural, general arrangement or structural drawings are not normally be prepared and will only be prepared if agreed in writing. Please be aware that architectural drawings are normally required for building alterations and extensions, in all but the simplest of cases.
7.0 Miscellaneous Services
7.1 The scope and any limitations to miscellaneous services will be agreed with you before commencing.

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